School: Scrabagh (roll number 11202)

Scrabbagh, Co. Roscommon
Mrs Rose Ffrench

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Local Heroes

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0254, Page 015

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Local Heroes

Countries are recognised and noted in history by their special heroes. They are renowned because of some special gift or talent they possessed. Some are famous because of brave deeds they did in their life-time, others because of some great feat they accomplished, but these heroes are all dead now.
There were a few heroes in my district long ago. Two men from Foxwood were sailing to America. While they were on sea there arose a terrible storm and the two men stood one on each side of the ship to try to balance it and thus remained until the storm ceased.
There was a blacksmith in Tully named Pat Doherty who was able to lift an anvil seven hundred weight and throw it up on a block two and a half feet high.
A man named William Clifford a native of Cartron leaped a river twenty-two feet wide carrying a two-horse harrow on his back. Long ago the people all travelled by foot and they thought nothing of walking twenty or

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