School: Scrabagh (roll number 11202)

Scrabbagh, Co. Roscommon
Mrs Rose Ffrench

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A Funny Story

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0254, Page 008

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A Funny Story

There was a time when fairies were supposed to have their abode in every fort in the country. The following tale about an adventure with them I heard told. The principal figure in this tale was a jolly old sport called Paddy Ryan. One Summer's night he was on his way from Strokestown to his home in the Half-Parish. He was humming an old Irish song as he approached an old fort near Grange. The moon was shining brightly so bright that some of the little folk were able to play their games. As Paddy was passing the fort the fairies accosted him with the salution welcome Paddy Ryan, won't you throw a stone with us. Paddy being a great champion took up a stone and cast it and went further than any throw the fairies made. Then there were roars and shouts for Paddy. At this one of the little fairies cast a stone and beat Paddy's best throw. At this he sloped away quietly but was

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Tony Bambrick