School: Lisacul G.N.S. (roll number 13048)

Lisacul, Co. Roscommon
Bríd, Bean Uí Ghiollanátha

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Lisacul G.N.S. | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0239, Page 009

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the wife and the family were sitting round a basket and one of the children put her hand across the basket to get a nice "laughing" starchy potato. The man of the house ordered her away from the table at once and told her to keep to her own side.
This shows the way the children were taught. The lunch consisted of a drink of "curóg" and oaten cake. Sometimes they had a drink of "sheerins" that is the shelling of oaten-meal, water and barm mixed together and let get sour. This made a fine drink.
At night they used draw a few gallons of porter from the "sríbín" that was barrels of porter that certain people had for sale. At different periods of the year they had great feasts and special foods for them. At "Nodhlag" they had a great feast. The general food was a great big turkey or goose boiled and they ate the meat and drank the broth with potatoes. They had another feast at "Nodhlag beag". It consisted of meat, potatoes and cabbage. This was a rare treat as seldom or ever they had meat. At Saint John's eve they had "pobs", that is bread and milk boiled

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