School: Baile na Mín (roll number 14925)

Ballinameen, Co. Roscommon
Tomás Ó Conchobhair
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0238, Page 443

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0238, Page 443

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  1. As blind as a bat. As deaf as a stone. As stiff as a poker. As grey as a goat. As grey as a badger.
    As tall as a steeple. As strong as a bull.
    As strong as a horse. As supple as a dog. As fat as a fool. As cute as a fox. As black as soot. As white as snow. As red as blood. As crooked as a ram's horn. As even as a dye?. As good as gold. As wicked as sin. As fine as silk. As black as the hob. As black as the sole of your shoe. As yellow as a duck's foot. As rotten as dirt. As hard as a stone. As hard as the hob of hell. (said about a miser.) As clear as crystal. As thin as a wisp. As soft as putty. As clean as a new pin. As tough as was. As black as jet. As straight as a rush. As straight as a needle. As thick (ignorant) as a double ditch. As bold as brass. As warm as wool. As sweet as honey. As heavy as lead. As light as a feather. As stupid as an ass. As wise as the bees. As wild as a deer. As green as grass. As weak as a cat - a chicken. As dark as pitch. As green as a leek. As dry as a bone - as snuff. As drunk as a lord. As sober as a judge. As limber as a
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