School: Baile na Mín (roll number 14925)

Ballinameen, Co. Roscommon
Tomás Ó Conchobhair
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0238, Page 416

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0238, Page 416

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  1. There are a great many games which I play with my companions. The best games I have are "Pancakes", "High gates", Apples and oranges", "Thread the needle Dan", "Naming and guessing", "Hide and go seek" and "Blind man's Buff"
    When we get out to play each day we begin our games. "Pancakes" is played thus:- Every child is alarmed when she hears the cry of "Pancakes". The woman of the house is first called out, and then a servant. She has to make the Pancakes and put them down to bake. The mistress has to go to town She tells the sevant not to let them burn, but the servant does not heed her and the cakes get burned up. When the mistress comes home she smells the cakes burning and there is great struggling to get them out of their ovens. The servant then gets a scolding. When that game is finished the next game is "High Gates". This is how the game is played:- All children join
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    Thérèse Brennan
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