School: Abbeytown Convent N.S. (roll number 15043)

Boyle, Co. Roscommon
Sr. M. Columbanus
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0235, Page 153

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0235, Page 153

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  1. In the parish of Boyle, nearly all marriages take place during Shrove that is from the sixth of January up to the time that Lent begins. The month of May is believed to be a very unlucky month to get married in, and Friday is a very unlucky day. This is an old rhyme that is believed by the people, and everyone says it is very true.
    Marry on.- Monday for wealth.
    Tuesday for health.
    Wednesday the best day
    of all.
    Thursday for losses.
    Friday for crosses and
    Saturday no luck at all.
    There are matches still made around Boyle but there are not as many made now, as were made long ago. This is how the matches are made. The father and mother of the girl and of the boy, come together and they settle a match between the girl and the boy. The girl gets as much money as the boy, and if the parents of the girl have enough money, they put in stock or give the boy land, to make up for the money. Then they get married as soon as possible.
    In olden times the bridegroom never went to the church with his brother because it was believed unlucky. Before the bride went out to be married it was customary for her to borrow something, such as a coat or stockings. The bride-
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