School: Droichead na Ceathramhna

Bridgecartron or Derrycashel, Co. Roscommon
S. Pléimeann
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0232, Page 430

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0232, Page 430

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    making bricks here one hundred years ago. He used to employ a great number of men to work. Some of the bricks can be seen yet. There are the remains of an old kiln, which was used in making bricks, to be seen yet in John McLoughlin's field.
    The land was taken then by the landlord, Captain McTernan, who lived at Heapstown about five miles from Boyle. After some time the land was again divided between fifteen tenants. The tenants are not now living in Lyonstown but have the land there.
    The land is hilly, but good. There are no woods, lakes or streams in Lyonstown.
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