School: Droichead na Ceathramhna

Bridgecartron or Derrycashel, Co. Roscommon
S. Pléimeann
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0232, Page 370

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0232, Page 370

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    dreamed about this gold, and that he intended to come over, and to search for it. However he had to join the great European war and was killed in it. Nobody ever tried to get this hidden treasure since that.
    Some members of the East family dug up around a tree, called the Big Tree in the townland of Lyonstown, Ballyfarnon and found some silver valued at ten pounds. The Easts lived in the townland of Aughoo, Killmactranny, Boyle. This big tree is situated at a distance of one field from Bridgecartron School on the right hand side of the road leading from Ballyfarnon to Crosna. This happened sixty or seventy years ago.
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