School: Ardough, Carlow (roll number 9137)

Ardough or Huntspark, Co. Laois
Bean Uí Chochláin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0839, Page 207

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0839, Page 207

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  1. Old Schools
    February 17th 1938.
    No hedge school existed in the district but an old school house existed there The name of the field in which the school was situated was called the school house field. Its Townland was named Gurthahite Teaching was done indoors. The Teacher was known as Master Brennan. He was not a stranger but he came from County Kilkenny. School was also carried on in the farmers' houses. The Teachers were obliged to lodge in the houses. These Teachers were paid by the farmers with cash each week for the instructions they gave to their children. The subjects taught in those days were Catechism and spelling and the alphabet. The books were received from the teacher.
    Writing was also taught, which was (also) written by slate pencil on slates.
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    Mr James Lawlor
    Gortahile, Co. Laois