School: Loughteague, Stradbally (roll number 6129)

Loughteeog, Co. Laois
Brigid Keane, Brighid Ní Chatháin

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Loughteague, Stradbally | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0837, Page 222

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People were going out to America in those days on the coffin ships...

People were going out to America in those days on the 'coffin ships' and someone was always looking for a bit of the caul as it was considered to be very lucky. We cut off a bit now and then for those going by sea and by degrees, the whole caul melted away.


The caul was kept , but like that spoken of by Mrs. Dunne it melted away. People came for bits of it before setting out for U.S.A. or Argentina.
If the caul were "lucky" for others it brought none with it for poor Joe who had a stormy life taking an active part in the fight for Irish freedom 1919 to 1924. English prison, Irish prison, "hard labour" and internment broke down his health and he died at the early age of 32.