School: Loughteague, Stradbally (roll number 6129)

Loughteeog, Co. Laois
Brigid Keane, Brighid Ní Chatháin

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Loughteague, Stradbally | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0837, Page 221

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"Caul" is said to be very lucky.

"Caul" is said to be very lucky. If baby is born with caul, the caul is taken with the baby when it is being baptised.
When I was a little one I saw a baby's caul in our own house. We kept it drawn out stretched upon something to keep it so. I remember a sea-captain advertised for a baby's caul - he would give £5 for one and that was big money in those days but my mother wouldn't sell the one she had.