School: Ballinakill (B.) (roll number 895)

Ballinakill, Co. Laois
William Hande

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The Swallows

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0831, Page 023

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The swallows come to this country at the end of Spring and stay here during the warm months of Summer. When the Summer has gone and the cold Winter is coming in again they leave for the warm countries on the Equator, for the swallows cannot live in a cold climate. The swallows come first in twos and threes and then in small flocks and afterwards in large flocks until they have all arrived her again. When they are leaving the country they go in the same way as they come. The first place they go to on reaching this country is to where they had their nests the preceding year. If all the nest still remains here they lay in it, and if it is not they have to build a new one. They build their nests under the eaves of houses and in old sheds or barns. The nest of a swallow is covered with mud within and without, and he builds his nest up against the roof, and he puts a hold in the side of

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