School: Durrow (B.) (roll number 3517)

Durrow, Co. Laois
P. Sabhaois

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Superstitions in connection with Oíche Shamhna

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0830, Page 092

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Collected from the pupils of Boys' schoool Durrow Laoighis

If you look into a glass on Hallow Eve while eating an apple you will see your true love in this glass

You should not (go) out before midnight on Hallow Eve: the fairies from Munster and Connaught have a hurling match on that night and they will take some living person with them to act as referee. You would run the risk of being taken(?) off if you were out after midnight

Fairies and witches are supposed to have great power on Hallow Eve

Some people before going to bed on Hallow Eve leave a mug of water outside the door for the holy souls

Before going to bed on Hallow Eve some people make up the fire

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