School: Durrow (B.) (roll number 3517)

Durrow, Co. Laois
P. Sabhaois

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Collection of Riddles

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0830, Page 051

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A woman has an apron and there are twenty patches on it, what time is it?

Time to get a new one.
What goes up when the rain comes closer?
An umbrella.
Room-full, room full; couldn't catch a spoonful.
There was a man rode through this town 'Great Grizle' was his name, his saddle girths was lined with gold and thats three times I told his name.
Hink hank under the bank ten drawing four.
A woman milking a cow.
What is it that has one hundred and twenty coats and one leg?
A head of cabbage.

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