School: Gráig (2) (roll number 3402)

Graigueadrisly, Co. Laois
M. Ní Laighean
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0829, Page 146

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0829, Page 146

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  1. We play many games in school such as high gates, wall flowers and colours. To play high gates firstly all the children joun in a ring, One girl goes out and calls out another in a certain gate, The first girl keeps running until she has caught the girl who called her. The game continues until they are all called out and caught. When playing colours one girl stay apart from the others to guess whilst another girl gives each one of the others a colour. Then the girl that was guessing comes along and strikes the other one on the back and then she says "Knock knock who comes here" what so you want. I want some nice colour the guesser says, and then she mentions some colour. Which ever girl has the colour runs
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    Mary Delaney
    Clonmeen South, Co. Laois