School: Camross, Mountrath

Camross, Co. Laois
Pádraig Ó Heifernáin

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Camross, Mountrath | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0826, Page 383

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Long long ago there was a pot of gold in Mundrehid bog. A man named John Grady found it. He went home and told Mr Walpole, and they came to where they saw the pot of gold. They found the pot of gold but there was nothing in it but leaves.

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Once upon a time a woman was living in...

Once upon a time a woman was living in a house by herself. One day the old woman put five pounds in a box in a room for to pay the rent of the house. One day a beggar woman came to the door. She asked the woman for sixpence. The woman said she had no money and the beggar told her she had money inside in a box, but she wanted it to pay the rent. When the beggar woman was gone away the woman went in to see was the five pound there but it was gone.

Chris Saomar
Cloncully, Co. Laois