School: Rosenallis (roll number 5442)

Rosenallis, Co. Laois
Mrs L. Dagg

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Local Ruins

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0823, Page 437

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There is no ruined castle in this district.There is a ruined abbey in the neighbourhood of Reary. It is supposed to have been the Abbey of Saint Fianian and it is also supposed to have destroyed and plundered by Cromwell's "iron sides"
There are no ruins of a round tower in the district, But there was a round tower in the place where the "Green School" now stands it was destroyed in the year 1879 and even then the ruins of it were only left. There are two of old wind mills in the school district. One of which is behind the Catholic Church and another which is in the townsland of Rynn.The wall surrounds the old cemetery in Corbally is part of an old church.In one part of this wall there is the remains of the entrance door. This church was called St,Mary's Church.It was a Catholic Church.

Michael Dagg
Corbally, Co. Laois