School: Rosenallis (roll number 5442)

Rosenallis, Co. Laois
Mrs L. Dagg

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Clothes Made Locally

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0823, Page 352

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There is one tailor in this district at present. He does not work in his home.He work's for other tailors.He does not stock cloth.Cloth os not spun nor woven locally at present.In the early part pf the last century considerable quantities of home manufactured goods were produced in the local factories,such as woollen cloths,blankets, shawls,etc, Most of the population were weavers. Mountmellick and Rosenallis were connected with the weaving that they were called the Manchester of the Country,The tailors implements are a sewing machine needles thread and an iron.The local dress makers make shirts out of flannelette.There are no accounts of shirts having been made from flax grown locally.Socks and stockings are knitted locally. Thread was spun in the homes long ago.There was a

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Joseph Egan
Lackan, Co. Laois