School: Kilberry, Athy (roll number 13165)

Kilberry, Co. Kildare
Sara Rowan

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Kilberry, Athy | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0781, Page 103

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On the bye-road, which connects the main road from Athy to Monasterevan and the main road from Athy to the Curragh were no less than forty nine houses in-side a distance of two miles.
About two acres or one acre were attached to each little house. Large families were reared in these houses and these were engaged in cutting and rearing turf in the summer Months and in the winter they had practically nothing to do. The winters were more severe then than now.
A large farmhouse and out-offices was built in the district by the then Duke of Leinster and given to a Scotchman, who evicted the small cottagers, levelled their houses and took possession of their lands.
The greatest number of these large families treated so harshly, imigrated to America and the remainder drifted in to the town of Athy, where their descendants still live.
One of these small landholders had a cherry tree growing on his little plot of land. Every year when the cherries were ripe, his little crop of potatoes or oats would be trampled by the boys of the district, when they would come to steal the cherries.
The poor man was tormented and made up his mind to stop the nuisance by cutting down the cherry tree. This he

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Sara Rowan