School: Kilcullen (Convent) (roll number 11806)

Kilcullen, Co. Kildare
Na Siúracha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0780, Page 245

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0780, Page 245

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  2. XML Page 245
  3. XML “Ringworm”
  4. XML “Ringworm”
  5. XML “Freckles”
  6. XML “Freckles”
  7. XML “Sprain”
  8. XML “Rheumatism”
  9. XML “Taking Out Thorns”
  10. XML “Black Eye”
  11. XML “Shingles”

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  1. keogh- the maiden name
    keogh - the married name
    son of that union has a cure for shingles a pupil out of fifth class was cured by a mr keogh. he tied a piece of thread on top of his finger then he stuck a needle into his finger and blood shot out - he said some prayers and rubbed
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