School: Kilcullen (Convent) (roll number 11806)

Kilcullen, Co. Kildare
Na Siúracha

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Kilcullen (Convent) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0780, Page 207

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My mammy knew an old lady named Mrs Cummins. She struck a priest and was paralyzed, after many years she recovered and had the use of all her limbs except the arm and hand with which she struck the priest.

Betty Byrne's mother told her above story.

One Hallow Eve night a crowd of boys went to a farmer's place in Ballymore, and took a horse's cart, and put it into a stream some distance away, for a joke. When they were going along the road, they met the owner of the cart, and they asked him to give them a hand, he said he was only too delighted to do so - not knowing at this time it was his own cart. He helped them to carry it and throw it into the water, little knowing it was his own cart.

Jenny Ffrench
Mrs Ffrench

Long ago a priest used go from house to house collecting. As he drew near a certain house an old woman who lived in it starting combing her hair. Well knowing who the priest was, and what he was coming for, she continued to comb it. The priest then said to her "You have a lovely head of hair to-day, to tomorrow you will not have much of it." On awakening next morning she [saw to?] her horror that all her hair had fallen out during the night and now lay on the pillow.