School: Boston (roll number 10212)

Bostoncommon, Co. Kildare
Bean Uí Dhocharthaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0777, Page 157

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0777, Page 157

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  1. There is a story told as to how the robin got his red breast. He sat under the Cross and a drop of the Precious Blood fell on him and he bears the colour on his little breast ever since.
    There is another little flower called "St Joseph's paint brush". It has a heart shaped like a tiny brush & is often called the "Periwinkle".
    On Our Lords flight into Egypt all trees on His journey bowed down their branches, but the Aspen did not. Our Lord then said that henceforth this tree would always be shaking and bowing, and so it is even on a calm day.
    A weed known as the "bloodweed" was growing near the Cross on Calvary. It grows now near water or on the sides of banks.
    One evening our Lady set out for a walk with the Child Jesus. As they walked on our Lady plucked a lily and gave it to her Son. "My dearest Son what a lovely lily she remarked as The Child looked at the milky-white blossom
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    May Corcoran
    Bostoncommon, Co. Kildare