School: Boston (roll number 10212)

Bostoncommon, Co. Kildare
Bean Uí Dhocharthaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0777, Page 151

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0777, Page 151

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    and for three, six or sometimes twelve months after the death of a relation, men wear black armlets or hat bands, but not as a rule.
    Amongst the upper classes, men wear long tailed coats with white stiff collars and starched shirt fronts, and the ladies wear evening or dance frocks.
    There's an old saying about the colours to be worn when one is getting married.
    Married in white, sure to fight.
    Married in blue, your lover will be true.
    Married in red, you wish you were dead.
    Married in green, sure to be seen.
    Married in brown you will live out of town.
    Married in grey you will cross the sea.
    Married in yellow, you will be ashamed of the fellow
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  2. There are two forges in this parish, one situated at the Cross Roads, and the other in a town. The forge floor is very dusty and dirty. It is said that the forge yard is gateless, that the blacksmith never shuts
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    1. activities
      1. economic activities
        1. trades and crafts (~4,680)
          1. smithing (~2,389)
    May Corcoran
    Bostoncommon, Co. Kildare