School: Boston (roll number 10212)

Bostoncommon, Co. Kildare
Bean Uí Dhocharthaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0777, Page 132

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0777, Page 132

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    the Wicklow mountains to gather the herbs. She boiled the herbs, kept the water a burnt the boiled herbs. She kept the dried herbs and several vessels of liquid in a dairy or barn, which was always locked. When the illness was explained to her, she got a bottle went off by herself &] compounded the medicine.
    The present owner of the cure is not as good as she was. There's an old saying which says "Every generation is weaker than the last". The neighbours got cattle, horses cows cured when all else failed. Her herb water is said to have cured pain, aches, paralysis, rheumatism and ailments too numerous to mention.
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  2. Birds common in the district are Blackbird, Thrush, Woodquest, Magpie, Crow, Jackdaw, Sparrow, Wagtail, Linnet, Plover, Wren, Yellowhammer, Starling, Hawk, Crane, Pheasant, Chaffinch, Partridge, Seagulls, Robin, the Sky Lark, the Bog Lark, the
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    May Corcoran
    Bostoncommon, Co. Kildare