School: Suncroft, Curragh Camp (roll number 768)

Suncroft, Co. Kildare
N. Mac Seoin

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Suncroft, Curragh Camp | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0777, Page 034

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travel even a distance to get an ember of turf from his neighbour with which to Kindle it. The local tradition is that it should be so done.

Story given by Philomena ShinKins Martins town 27" March. 3'6. There is a place on Mr J. O Grady's land called the "Riligeen", and nobody was supposed to ever yoke horses on it. A man went to plough it on one occasion, and while Going down through the middle of the field the horses ran away with him.

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There was a man one time and he had a number of cows.

Story told by Kath leen OF arrell Eascanrath Suncroft. 25" March '36. There was a man one time and he had a number of cows. He used to milk them every morning but he could not get any milk from them in the evening. He remained up one night and a hare came. He got his hounds after the hare, and they followed it to a little house over in the fields. The man continued after the hounds, and he noticed that one of the hounds caught the hare by the leg, but the hare escaped. The man then went into the house, where he saw a little woman sitting in the corner, all blood, and she smoking a pipe.

Kathleen O Farrell
Askinraw, Co. Kildare

Story told by Teresa N Jones 27. March. '36
A man was passing a ruin at Eagle Hill.

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