School: Na Mullaigh (Smithboro') (roll number 10104)

Smithborough, Co. Monaghan
Mrs Walsh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0951, Page 316

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0951, Page 316

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  1. Jack (Nail) O'Neil. Character. Mrs Ann Bai[?] servant in Kiladonnelly. Jack went courting her. She had a great head of curls. He talked through his nose and he called her "his cauliflower" - [??] separated - he went to England and brother asked him where he worked, gave him no information - he said "went round with the sweep."
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  2. Billy Treanor - went to Gortmore - John [?] two nice daughters. Billy liked eldest [?] from Graffa through Gortmore Bog and up a field of corn - autumn evenings - Robt Biggs, Henry O'Neil play trick - Billy [??] - so Billy when going home - the boys lay in corn - had ploughchain and [??] H Niall bashed for (nearcut) Billy went out heard groans - R Biggs [?[ rattled chains - Niall groaned and ran out of another part. Billy went forth and tried to [?], tried, failed, but prayed all the saints to save him
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