School: Newbliss (roll number 8328)

Newbliss, Co. Monaghan
Margaret E. Doogan

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Newbliss | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0950, Page 264

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There are several forts near the school. They are called Lios. There is one in the townland of Lisdara, one in Lisnagore, one in Lisalancy, and one in Lisalea.
They are all in view of one another and are all circular in shape.
There is a treuch and a hedge around one with trees in the centre. There is an entrance hole at the side of each. They were supposed to have been built at the time of the Danes by the Irish in case of an invasion, and the Irish could signal to each other from these forts.
Fairy folks are supposed to live around them.
Black dogs are seen in the district sometimes.
Owners of the land on which these forts are never interfere with them because if they did, it is said something happen to them, or to somebody belonging to them.
Music and churning are said to have been heard on these forts after twelve o'clock.