School: Taplach (roll number 5114)

Taplagh, Co. Monaghan
P. Ó Dubhthaigh

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Taplach | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0931, Page 375

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Tobairín Domhnaigh

(Old name for Maghernakill) probably the well was laid down on a Sunday.

Poll Eislin (Eibhlin)
is a well in Mr Matt Connolly's farm in Tullyvara.

Ballin Átha and Balla na Cip

Greann na mBoc (Granniboc)
It is said that Rory McMahon had a deer park there around the year 1690. Rory held the pass near Áth Clochán (near the Cuingler's Bridge (Repeal Bridge) and charged Cíos at this pass. The place is called Balla Cíosa and it goes round Upper Box.

A story is told about a boy called Parra Jondie who was shearing oats with a hook long ago at this place - Áth Clochán - The oats grew in ridges. One night Parra was cutting the oats, when a fairy came up to him and offered to cut two ridges for Parra's one, on condition that Parra would give him all the oats he'd be able to carry off with him in the morning. At cock-crow the little fellow said he'd have to go. The

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