School: Baurnafea, Paulstown (roll number 807)

Baurnafea, Co. Kilkenny
Sean Moffat
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0861, Page 339

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0861, Page 339

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  1. 1. To meet a single magpie or an odd number, is a sign of bad luck. To meet two or an even number will counterbalance the evil in store.
    2. If, when going on a journey you meet a robin in the turn of the road it is a sign that you will meet with an accident.
    3. It is considered that to meet two hounds at night is a sign of bad luck. The devil is supposed to take this shape at night.
    4. To meet a white horse at night will bring bad luck.
    5. You should not speak to any stranger at night as it may be the devil in the form of a person.
    6. You will bring bad luck on the house by throwing out ashes late at night.
    7. One should not throw out water on All Souls' Night as 't would drown the poor souls and bring bad luck.
    8. A house should not be whitewashed in May as it will bring bad luck.
    9. To sweep out the kitchen on a Monday will sweep out the luck for the week.
    10. Never hit anyone with an elder stick as Judas hanged himself on an elder tree.
    11. If you carry a load into the house on your shoulder you will never grow an inch taller.
    12. If you walk under a ladder you will never grow an inch taller.
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