School: Thomastown Convent (roll number 16028)

Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny
An tSr M. Lelia
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0858, Page 078

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0858, Page 078

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  1. A gentleman employed a workman who was very curious. One day he was sent down the town with a note to a shop.
    On his was he opened the note which read as follows "Please send up one bottle of stout and oblige". He stopped for a moment and then took out his pencil and added two noughts to the one. He received a hundred bottles, ninty nine of which he kept for himself and he delivered the other to his master. A few days afterwards the master got a bill for a hundred bottles of stout, which greatly surprised him.
    He called his workman and questioned him about it. The latter said he added two noughts to the order but he always thought two
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    Kitty Cody