School: Thomastown Convent (roll number 16028)

Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny
An tSr M. Lelia
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0858, Page 046

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0858, Page 046

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  1. Marriages frequently take place before Shrove and during the Summer. May is thought an unlucky month and Friday is an unlucky day for marriage. It is beleived that the people who get married before Shrove will have luck all through their married lives. Matches are made in this district. Money is given as a dowry. Household linens sheets and blankets often form part of the dowry.
    No one was ever married in a house within the memory of the present inhabitants of the district. There is an old shoe tied to the car in which the bridal party travel to the Church. The friends of the married pair throw rice and confettie on them when they are leaving the Church. These customs
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