School: Scoil na mBráthar, Calainn

Callan, Co. Kilkenny
Br. P. Ó Gairbheith

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Scoil na mBráthar, Calainn | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0853, Page 104

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point of a foot is looked for. If it turns inwards a marriage is certain, but if outward then a death will happen in the family before the year is out. The cattle are signed along the back with a lighted whisp of straw, and a bunch or primroses are tied to the cows tail, for the evil spirits cannot touch anything guarded by these flowers if they are plucked before sunrise not else. But the rowan tree is the best preservative against evil, if a branch be woven into the roof of the house, the house is safe for a year at least, and if mixed with the timber of a boat, no storm will upset it, and no man be drowned in it for the next twelve months.