School: Kilmacoliver, Piltown (roll number 13033)

Kilmacoliver, Co. Kilkenny
Ristéard Ó Faoláin

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Kilmacoliver, Piltown | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0852, Page 200

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"white boys" said "go maith mo lannah" L. Waterford heard this expression. Now in the neighbourhood there live a boy nicknamed "Mo Lannah". He lived with his mother in one of the houses in L. Waterford estate. Waterford sent for him next morning and hung him in the centre of the courtyard although the boy protested his innocence. In the evening as the boy was not returning his mother called on Waterford to see what was keeping her boy. On arrival in the courtyard the grim tragedy unfolded itself. She went on her knees in front of the corpse and cursed the Waterfords to the seventh generation. "the curse was that none of them would die a natural death." As I'm writing this old tradition I hear the seventh lord shot himself this morning Sept '34. The local people now say the curse is broken.

Little is mentioned of it in this area. A man Quinlan was hung at Scough. He is believed to have been innocent of the Society He was going to Sir Robt. Cor's for seed wheat on his way he met a woman and as there was a raid for arms by the U. Irishmen in practically

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