School: Móin Ruadh, Knocktopher

Moanroe Commons, Co. Kilkenny
Donncha Ó Dochartaigh

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Kean's Farewell After The Battle of Carrick Shock

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0849, Page 304

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Keans Farewell after the battle of Carrick-Shock

Farewell unto the shamrock shore, now I am gone for evermore
Farewell unto those pleasant days I spent in Erins isle
Farewell unto my youthful sport and to each place I did resort
Farewell unto my parents whom I must leave behind
Farewell unto my loyal stock who stood and fought at Carrick shock,

Where Gibbons and his force lay woltering in their gore
I am going to a foreign land adieu again to Erin's strand,
Farewell, I say forever to my native Irish shore,
"Farewell to friends and relatives I parted all in fellowship
Farewell to sweet Kilkenny town and Waterford so loyal
Farewell unto O'Connell brave who will my comrades try to save,
May he bring them all victorious from traitors serpents coil
Farewell to the patriot stock farewell to you old Carrick shock
Farewell to you dear Hugginstown I'll never see you more
Hurrah! My boys, my sails are free to gain the land of liberty
Farewell I say forever, to my native Irish shore.
" I do despise my enemies, above all of them the ministers,
Who always nursed contention demanding their cursed

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Kitty Farrell
Kilkeasy, Co. Kilkenny