School: Baile Roibín, Knocktopher

Newmarket, Co. Kilkenny
Ss. Ó Súilleabháin

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0849, Page 190

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One time a man by the name of John Walsh dreamt that he would find a pot of gold on the bridge of Ross. He dreamt of this several times and at last he said to himself "I will go and see if my dream is true," so he set out bringing a little provisions with him. He got there safely so he walked up and down the bridge and no sign of the gold. NIght came and he was very tired and he sought shelter in a little forge that was at the end of the bridge.
He continued every day walking up and down the bridge. All the people considered what on earth must be his business as he seemed to do nothing else so he got quite friendly with the people and one old woman in partuiclar. Time went by until at last it came to a year and a day he and he was tired and sick of his life. He was chatting this little old woman this day and he was complaning how tired he was "Well my good is it any harm if I may ask you your business" said the old woman. "Well" he said "its not a bit my honest woman and he up and told her the whole story. That when he was at home he

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Siobhan Cuddihy
(name not given)