School: Ballyhale (roll number 7914)

Ballyhale, Co. Kilkenny
Eibhlín Ní Shúilleabháin

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Ruined Castles - Kilcurl Castle

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0848, Page 084

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The remains of this castle are in a better state of preservation than those at Ballyhale and Castlebanny The tower stands in Long's farmyard some yards away from the dwelling house. Longs use the lower part of the Castle as a dairy and store things in some of the rooms. Some say it was a man named Treacy who built the castle long ago.
About 300 or 400 yards to the North of the castle there is a small ruined churchyard standing in a little graveyard.
This church seems to be very ancient and it is said that it was there long before the Norman times.