School: Ballyhale (roll number 7914)

Ballyhale, Co. Kilkenny
Eibhlín Ní Shúilleabháin

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Graveyards - Old Burials in the Parish of Ballyhale

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0848, Page 054

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The Graveyard at the Parish Church of Ballyhale.
The parish church of Ballyhale stands on the site of a 12th or 13th century church of which nothing remain except the big square tower which is used as a belfry and is locally known as the castle. No signs in the shape of niscribed tombs &c remain of ancient burials - the oldest stones bearing a date are only about one hundred and thirty years old. The church was served up to the time of the Reformation by Augustinian friars who were sent to take charge from the monastery at Callan It was in ruins for a couple of hundred years until the site was acquired by Archdeacon Patrick Murphy the Pastor who finding his Mass house in Derrynahinch falling rebuilt (or built on) the old ruin This building was however burnt down
- in Father Caragan's history of the diocese

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Eibhlín Ní Shúilleabhain
Ballyhale, Co. Kilkenny