School: Ringville, Slieverue (roll number 6621)

Ringville, Co. Kilkenny
Síle de Paor

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Ringville, Slieverue | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0845, Page 102

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How Snowhill House was Built

There was a man named Nicholas Scarab, who found a crock of gold. He built Snowhill House with it. A family named "Snow" bought and from them it derived its name.
Dead Since..
Patrick Purcell,
Slieverue got this from his grandmother Mrs. Purcell same adderss (79 yrs).
There is a spinning wheel in Snowhill House.

The Mill Road starts at the mill in Ballyroura and ends in Scartnamoe. The Foreigner's Lane runs from the main Ross Road to Ballyroura The lane is not well kept. It is mainly used as a short cut. From Aylwardstown to Killivory there is a Mass path and another one from Hennessy's to Hanrahan's in Glenmore.