School: Harristown, Piltown (roll number 13449)

Harristown, Co. Kilkenny
G. Ó Súilleabháin

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0842, Page 188

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Once upon a time there lived a woman and her daughter Maggie. One day a carriage in which a lady and gentleman were seated drew up at the door. The lady called out the old woman and said to her "I know you are a poor woman" and on saying so presented her with a purse of gold. She also said to her "you have a daughter named Maggie and when she is twelve years old you must give her to me.
The old woman took the money and told the lady that she would. Then before she had time to thank the lady she had disappeared.
As years went on the old woman was forgetting all about the lady, untill one day the carriage drew up at the old woman's door and asked for Maggie. So away went Maggie with the lady. Before Maggie went away her mother said to her "what ever you see dont tell" and Maggie promised.
One day when Maggie was

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Mary Driscoll
Harristown, Co. Kilkenny