School: Ballyroddy (roll number 12629)

Ballyroddy, Co. Roscommon
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0250, Page 101

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0250, Page 101

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    The Local Forge
    there are two forges in my parish, Ned MacCormack and Paddy Tiernan. Their fathers and grand fathers were smiths, Ned MacCormack's forge is in Chapel Street, Elphin, near both a stream and a cross-roads, and on the roadside Paddy Tiernan's forge is on the New Line, near a river and cross-roads, and on the road-side. The forge is a square room, about as big as an ordinary kitchen, with blackened walls, an anvil in the centre of a clay floor, with a very large fire-place, it has a galvanized roof, and the door is square with a horse-shoe hanging on it, there is one pretty large window with grimy pains of glass in it. There is one fireplace in it. The bellows is a big piece of leather shaped like a jar with a handle to it, it is placed in the wall near the fireplace, so that you can let it down easily to kindle the fire. I think it must be made locally, the smith uses an axe, hammer, pincers, augur, knife, sledge and file. I never heard of cattle being shoed in any of the local forges.
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    M. P. Quinn
    Lismacool, Co. Roscommon
    Mrs Quinn
    Lismacool, Co. Roscommon