School: Kiltrustan (roll number 4111)

Kiltrustan, Co. Roscommon
M. Mac Tighearnáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0250, Page 017

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0250, Page 017

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  1. The Local Patron Saint
    The local patron saint of this parish is Saint Trustan. Trustan founded a church from that comes the name of this parish which is "Kiltrustain" This church was eracted beside the Caslin Wood the ruins are still to be seen there. In the days of perscution Holy Mass had to be said in quiet places. The bell was forbidden to be rung from the steeple. There is the track of an old "boreen" leading to the chapel by which the priest came to read Holy Mass. The first bell to be rung in Kiltrustan was rung from this old chapel. There is a well convenient to the old ruins called Lettereen Well. The print of a horse's and foal's hoof could be seen in a rock at the well. This is said to be the horse Saint Patrick took there for a drink. There is a townland called after (him) Saint Patrick Tubberpatrick. There is a well there at which are large stone slabs resembling an Altar. In one of the stones is the print of the Saint's finger. The Lorders who where Protestants living in Toberpatrick House.
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