School: Kiltrustan (roll number 4111)

Kiltrustan, Co. Roscommon
M. Mac Tighearnáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0250, Page 015

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0250, Page 015

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  1. The Black Pig.
    The story of the Black Pig is well known for many years back. It is believed that it was around Dowd's turn at the corner of Creta old road that this animal was seen. It was seen by two girls named Dowd and Kelly both of whom lived beside other. When they used to be passing they used to hear the pig grunting and they looked and saw it was a queer class of a pig. They used to see it every morning and the scholars waited for those girls to see him but no others could see him. At last the children got afraid to pass and the school had to be closed. It was in the year 1918 he was first seen. It is said he was lying at St. Patrick's Well for 1,400 years. It spread far and near and severals came to see the scene but no others could see it. One morning she met one of the girls coming to school without her pal. She asked her "Where is your pal." She said "She is at home to-day." The woman gave her a slide for herself and another for the one that was at home. She would not take them as the priest had told her not to take any-
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    Bridget Murphy
    Grange, Co. Roscommon