School: Kiltrustan (roll number 4111)

Kiltrustan, Co. Roscommon
M. Mac Tighearnáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0250, Page 002

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0250, Page 002

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  1. My Home District.
    I am living in Grange in the parish of Kiltrustan and my Barony is Roscommon. There are seven families in the townland and the number of people 25. The families names are Connells Chambers, Gannons, Beirnes junior, McDermotts, Beirnes senior and my own house. Beirnes is the most common name in that townland. The houses are mixed, some slated, more thatched and more iron.
    It is surrounded by three lakes with an outlet leading to the Shannon. it is a good place for fishing in the Summer. There was a mill and a store some years ago at Grange river but they were closed up as there was not much work doing in them. There are no old people that can tell stories in Irish around me but they can tell them in English. The are several houses gone to ruin in the townland I live in. Some of the walls are tumbled to the ground and more of them standing with ivy growing on them.. There did a crowd too numerous to mention emigrate from this townland to America. The land is very good around me. There are
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    Bridget Murphy
    Grange, Co. Roscommon