School: Kilcock (Pres. Convent) (roll number 11976)

Kilcock, Co. Kildare
Sr. M. Dympna

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Kilcock (Pres. Convent) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0772, Page 014

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journeys was supposed to have stopped at this well.

St. Coca's well:
Situate at back of Christian Brothers ' Monastery, The Square, Kilcock, Supposed to have been closed in by previous owners about 1890.
St. Cocas burial place unknown.

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Cromwell's Visit : Does not appear to have affected this part; but it suffered during 1798 Insurrection, a good number (estimated 40) were active United Irishmen and fought at Kilcock and Oridstown (3 miles) one man "Norris" (William) on returning from Battle of Oridstown, went into the old church (Chapel Lane) to pray. While there a relative of his who discovered that the local Col. of Yeomanry was looking for him, followed him and tried to get him to safety. He was, however, captured by the Yeos and brought prisoner to The Shrubbery. His wife, hearing of his arrest ran out and met Col. of Yeos in Bridge Street. She fell on her knees before him and begged him to spare her husband. While kneeling a volley was heard from the Srubbery. The Col. listened

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