School: Gráig na Gréine (roll number 12819)

Graignagreana, Co. Kerry
Anna Ní Shiocfhradha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0469, Page 067

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0469, Page 067

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  1. There are many roads in my district.
    The most important are Kenmare and Sneem roads. From these are many branch roads. One leads to Bealaugh Beama
    On this road there are a lot of heavy traffic during the summer months. Tourists going to and from Parknasilla and Caragh lake Hotels pass there.
    A road also leads to Lough-brin and on to the gap of Dunloe. On this road many tourists also travel during the summer months.
    There is also an old road in my district which can be seen easily. It comes through Bealaugh Beama and on by Lough-bran lake and into Killarney and along this old road you would
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    Aggie O Connor
    Loughbrin, Co. Kerry