School: Snaidhm (C.) (roll number 11799)

Sneem, Co. Kerry
Mrs Palmer

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Snaidhm (C.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0468, Page 114

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His remains were taken to his native home by his native own people. There is a heap of stone in "Pluaid a Ċuileann" where a man named David Sheehan died. He went for a spin on a bicycle to the Black Shop and when he was coming back he fell off his bicycle and died.
Mrs. J. Hussey
The Priest's Road.
[about 65 yrs.]

Leprachauns were often heard in caves around here long ago shoemaking but up in Tullakeel one of them was heard and a Neill man made up his mind with another man to get his purse. He always lived in a cave and could be heard. One night near dusk they went to the cave because he always came out after nightfall As he came out they grabbed him, he was very tiny so it was easy to catch him and they held him by the back of the head. When they had him fast he told them to look at the wonder that was in the distance and they did so they left their hold go and he disappeared. One time near Gleesk a mermaid was seen combing her hair everyday on a rock. One day a Downing man made-up his mind to get her cloak as it was a beautiful one. He took it this morning she followed him to get it.

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Mrs O Brien
80 till 90
Sneem, Co. Kerry