School: Snaidhm (C.) (roll number 11799)

Sneem, Co. Kerry
Mrs Palmer

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Snaidhm (C.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0468, Page 072

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was also killed in the same place. There is a place called "leac a Cluanain" the headstone under which Cloyne was buried and another place called "Scrahanagáir" or the field of slaughter. There was a battle in the place in the time of the Fenians & there were so many killed, in it that the place got that name.

There are very few traces, if any, of the trades which were practiced in olden times. They "were simple" & people of necessity had to make things which were really necessities of life. They had to provide clothing, heat, light food utensils etc & the simple trades necessary for this purpose were handed down from father to son & from mother to daughter. For light people used candles which they made of rendered fat. This was poured into a mould which contained a cotton wick & was

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Denis Cronin
Sneem, Co. Kerry