School: Snaidhm (C.) (roll number 11799)

Sneem, Co. Kerry
Mrs Palmer

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Snaidhm (C.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0468, Page 068

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socks from their own spun thread and they took them to the fair to sell. Men made 'buckets' (ciseain) and also sold them. The sold shallow baskets (seraiga) also at fairs. Fish and cabbage plants were also sold at the Spring and summer fairs. The nearest horse fair to Sneem was CastleIsland and people from here had to go there to buy and sell horses or colts. Bulls had to be taken to "Puck" fair to be sold. Men drove them over the mountains and spent two days going and coming. During the big war fairs were held in most villages and towns and buyers came from all parts of Ireland to buy. Drovers took the cattle to the railway station in Kenmore from here. They use local men and they had were well paid for their trouble.

D. Cronin
"The Cottages."