School: Leithead

Lehid, Co. Kerry
Diarmuid Ó Súilleabháin

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Móra - Daughter of Rí Éada

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0464, Page 176

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Long ago there lived a king in Ireland who had three daughters. Móra the youngest of them married a king’s son, but the other two were put living in a castle. Every year the king used go to see them, even though they were very happy, still they were jealous and wished to separate them. When he was leaving they said to him that in an eastern country there was a king who had a sword called a cliaibh solais. They asked him then what was Móra doing, and was she doing any plunder, he said she was not. "Well" said they “she is well used to that and if she likes she could bring you it”. He went home and he told her about it, at first she refused to go, but in the end she gave in. She had an enchanted boat which she used without anyone’s help, when it was morning there used be noise and the sound of music coming from it. She reached the harbour at nightfall and she waited until all the lights were out at the castle and then she began her journey. When she was opening the door it began to creak and it said, “gíoscán, gíoscán, bí dána is ná bí ró dhána..” After a few hours searching she got the sword and getting into her boat, she began the return journey. When the king got up in the morning, he missed the sword and when he looked out he saw Móra’s boat sail-

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Eileen Leary
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