School: Siolbhrain (Shelbourne) (roll number 5235 or 5484)

Gortrooskagh, Co. Kerry
Síghle, Bean Uí Thuama

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Fionn and the Giant From Kenmare

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0461, Page 100

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In the time of Cormac Mac Avit there lived a Giant in South Kerry named Cin. He owned all the land from Kilgarvan to Blackwater. Anytime he could lay hands on, h e put a "gad" on each one's neck & hanged him off a tree. The people often faced him in battle, but he killed them all.
At last they petitioned to King Cormac to send them help against this wicked tyrant. The King received them kindly, and said he would go down himself, and fight the Giant.
When the Fianna of Erin heard that his King intended to endanger his life, they old him that they would sent their Captain. Finn Mac Coul, instead of the King.
The Fiannna got ready, thirty men came, each sitting on a white horse

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